*taken before the departure @Kuching International Airport.


Official hereby to say Goodbye.

It is not the end of the journey, YES, I know it very well.


Never realize, since when I felt uncomfortable about it, or felt not ready to share anymore.

It is not about me, it's about people around me.


I felt restricted to speak, which is something I dislike.


I love to share.

I love to talk.

I love to smile.

I love to shout whatever I like.



Take a deep breath.

I am relieved.

I am still ME, the original me.



It is not about me, who is changing.

But the people surround me, their attitude,

keep changing.


When I start to pretend,

When I learn to lie,


When I realize, I can't be myself...


When I realize,

to write something here is even worse than talking to a stranger...



I know, it is time to stop.



It is time to make a brand new start.






P.S:  Will be switching to a new place, tell me if u r interested.  New site is for authorized access only.  See you there, if we have the fate.  *wink*  =)

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