Basically, there is nothing much to say.

Yeah, that's why i set the title as :SPEECHLESS.

What can I say?
Feel endless emptiness everytime I had my DATA STRUCTURE exam.
Yup, I know I am stupid.
I have to admit it.
I dunno, maybe I am still not get used to "apply myself to owes think logically".

Every time, when the paper is on my hand, my mind will straight away turns into BLANK.
Exactly, is BLANK.

other else of feeling?
--dunno what to do.
I know, For sure, there will be some steps to follow before you type your source code.
In fact, I never practice myself to think of those algorithm before I do my programming.
That's why, I never did well in this subject.

SHIT lar.
stupid cat.
I am indeed stupid.
That day JIM said my mind is SQUARE de, Yea, I admit, I am not that kind of smart gal.
I am just more than a normal and stupid gal.
SHIT, again.
endless SHIT i had yelled at myself, deep inside my heart.
Can't help myself with my stupid brain.
What can i do with it.
I TRY my best, yet still end up with nothing.
What do I have to do.

Yea, again, whole night I CAN'T really concentrate.
Actually I dunno why, every time, after small test, my steps will sure terminated.
or Regretting that I din did well?
Don't ask me, I am blur about myself now, too.

What happened to me ?
I keep asking myself the same question, always.
Bt end up with zero answer?
What should I do next?
*Bang my head*

Like I din learn anything in this year.
Like I never learn.
Like there is zero knowledge in my brain even if I am going to end my 2nd sem soon!!!

what should I do!!!!!!!!!!!!
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